Abrasive sandblasting for an exceptional result

Effective corrosion removal and prevention

Long lasting metal protection in all conditions

Mobile service for large projects

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Active Sandblasting

Quality sandblasting for a superior result

Active Sandblasting are specialists in abrasive sandblasting, corrosion control and metal protection.

All our services are designed to extend the life of your metal product or structure, and make it look as good as new again. When your metal is properly treated and well maintained, you’ll lower your costs, experience fewer problems and get more from your product.

Our professional equipment and techniques, along with our experienced and knowledgeable staff, allows us to deliver a high quality service that exceeds your expectations, no matter how large or small the job.
Abrasive Blasting
Our high quality blasting
equipment and techniques give
you a superior result

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Corrosion Removal
We remove deep corrosion
from your structures and make
sure it won't return
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Our Services

Metal Protection
Our protective coatings and
finishes provide long-lasting
defence in all conditions
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Who we help

We service a range of clients and work on a variety of different products and structures. Our work covers industrial and commercial industries, government departments, the mining industry, private sectors and domestic applications.
Our sandblasting and protective finishes can be used for a variety of application, including:
If you’re unsure whether your project is suitable for sandblasting or a protective treatment, please call us to discuss your needs.
Vehicle bodies, chassis and parts - domestic as well as the smash repair industry
Machinery and earth moving equipment, including factory equipment
Trailers, horse floats, boats and motorbikes
Paint removal, graffiti removal and protective coatings to prevent graffiti
Stainless steel products, including rust removal and protective finishes

Our industrial grade equipment is powerful enough for the toughest jobs, and our techniques and products deliver an outstanding result.
On-Site Workrooms
We have a large, purpose built sandblasting room and two specialty spray rooms. This controlled environment keeps external contaminants to a minimum.
Knowledgeable Staff
Our staff are qualified and experienced. We know exactly what is needed and will adjust our abrasive agents and processes to suit your structure and desired outcome.
Mobile Service
If your structure is fixed or too big to transport, our mobile service comes to you. We bring everything we need and make sure we comply with your site requirements.

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