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Abrasive sandblasting, corrosion removal and metal protection are all services that extend the life of your metal product or structure, and make it look as good as new again. When your metal is well maintained, you’ll lower your costs, experience fewer problems and get more out of your products.

Our professional equipment and techniques, along with our experienced and knowledgeable staff, allows us to deliver a high quality service no matter how large or small your job is.


Abrasive Sandblasting
Abrasive sandblasting is the process of forcibly removing grime, paint and rust from steel. It’s done so the surface of the structure is clean and safe, and can be painted for protective and aesthetic reasons. Without sandblasting, paint and protective coatings won’t adhere to the steel. Even brand new steel has residue from the manufacturing process, and this needs to be removed before it can be painted.

No matter how rough or corroded your structure is, our equipment and techniques will smooth and shape the surface, and remove contaminants. We use a range of blasting agents, including grit, glass beads, steel grit and garnet, and will adjust our agents and processes to suit your structure and the outcome you want.

Sandblasting increases longevity and makes your structure look as good as new again. We commonly sandblast large industrial steel structures, and domestic steel items such as car parts, trailers, boats and horse floats.


Corrosion Removal
Corrosion is a natural process, and is the gradual destruction of metal caused by a chemical reaction in the environment. Corrosion can destroy a structure or product and can be potentially dangerous.

Corrosion, even deep corrosion, can be removed with the right equipment and techniques. We specialise in the removal of corrosion and hazardous coatings on industrial and commercial steel structures, including factory machinery and equipment, weirs and silos. We also treat domestic structures such as water tanks and pipes.

Our techniques not only remove the corrosion; we apply protective coatings and finishes to make sure the corrosion doesn’t return.


Metal Protection
Metals often require protective coatings to shield them against rust, weather and general wear and tear. Proper protection also maximises the strength of the metal and extends the life of the structure or product.

Different types of metal require different protective coatings, and the coatings also need to be the right choice for the environment the item spends its time in.

We provide and apply a number of different protective coatings suitable for industrial, marine, mining and domestic applications. Our coatings protect the metal for the long term, in a variety of different conditions.


On-Site or Mobile Service
We have a large purpose-built, speciality sandblasting room where we carry out our abrasive sandblasting work, as well as two fully enclosed spray rooms. For items that can be transported, this keeps all the mess at our place, not yours. It also allows us to work in a controlled environment where we can minimise external contaminants and deliver a superior finish.

If your item is a fixed structure or is too large to bring to our on-site workrooms, we offer a convenient mobile service, and transport everything we need to you. This is ideal for large structures, buildings, bridges and warehouses. We’ll liaise with site managers when needed so our mobile team has all the necessary certificates and liabilities.
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